Who's house!? NURGLE'S HOUSE!
About us:  This website is a collective for the Darkon country of Nurgle and contains photos, videos, information etc. for the members of the country, future members of the country, and anyone else curious about us.

If you like what you've seen on this website-and you should since we're awesome-and are interested in petitioning to become a member of Nurgle, please get in touch with us at any Darkon event. We're the crazy ones in green and black. Trust me, we are not difficult to find.

Darkon : Darkon is a non-profit 501(c) Live Action Role Playing game, or abbreviated; a  LARP. It was formed in the mid to late 80's, has events every other sunday year round, and boasts a comprehensive padded combat system aided by character classes and class abilities. In short, we're dorks.

Food Plan: Information on Campout food plan is currently being put together, this page will be updated when a new food plan is available. If you are a current member of Nurgle inquiring about food plan at an upcoming campout, please refer to the Nurgle Boards on facebook.
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Photos: The photos posted on this website are collected from a number of different photographers both in and outside of the country. We would like to thank Dez, Hobbit, Devious, Cashew, Fingers, Nemisis, and many many more for posting their pictures online and allowing us to cannabalize their photos and post them here so that we have copies of them forever.

If your photos appear on the website, and you are not credited but would like to be please get in touch with Siren and this will be fixed immediately.

No photos on this site are used for profit, but for personal means.