(tune of "Run's House" by RUN DMC)

We have we have we have (say what)
A whole lot of rot n muck, in the tavern here tonight
But I want ya’ll to know one thing
This is....
Our... House
And when I say who's house, ya’ll know what time it is.
Who's house?
Nurgle’s house!

Ah, once again my friend
Not a trend for then
They said, rot was not
But never had this claim
Till the ruler came
With a cooler name
Made ya dance and prance and drive you all insane
Name’s Talid my son
Number one for fun
Not a one that's done and get done by none
The others act, in fact, I just whack I kill
Its fun my son and we fit the bill!

Who's house? (say what!)
Nurgle’s house! (say what!)
Who's house? (say what!)
Nurgle’s house! (say what!)

I'm in the house ya’ll
I'm in the house ya’ll
And this is how Nurgle DC will turn it out ya’ll
I'm in the house ya’ll
I'm in the house ya’ll
And this is what Nurgle DC be about ya’ll
Well my name is Worm ya see,
The all-time great
I bust the most heads in this state
Aquilonia’s rock
Laconian’s suck
They want to be down with the GNOME!
The wanted man from the wanted clan
Wanted by everyone from across the land
Not a G.M.C.P.S. from the street
Death Com-pan-y complete!


rot, rot, rot, rot, rot, rot, rot, rot, rot, rot, rot,

Get on the hex and (unclean)
Another time we take
For the gold we make
Make us mad and glad because the yuck is muck
See we do this thing so come pursue the unclean
One mind we gank so all you just break
Cus we’re the best at death
Ask the rest they left
That's our name our game and we don't need the rep
So keep the booze you lose and suckas cool your mouth
We set a trap for rats, that’s crap!
It's Nurgle’s house!


Some underestimate
And miscalculate
My intent to create what I call the great
Till I make a writ that I prove em wrong
See my writ so strong it'll make 'em come along
Come in the door
Get on the floor
Hard red hard hitting to the core
Causing casualties and catastrophes
And tragedies for the sucky swine
Use a strategy to get the best of me
You dirty rat Laconian
Whoever you may be
You need to go down south
You need to shut your mouth
It's all about no doubt just shout cus we turn it out!